Domenic DiCenso, P.E. Vice President<br/>CDM Smith Inc.

Domenic DiCenso, P.E. Vice President
CDM Smith Inc.

His ability to mentor and communicate with the Owner’s staff during the entire project development, design phase through actual construction was the key to our rapid growth in this new CMAR market. Additionally, Stan’s affinity to work alongside and collaborate with our design disciplines across the nation to obtain the “best value” overall solution was well recognized. He was instrumental in developing our construction management at risk activities in Texas during his tenure at CDM Smith/CDM Constructors, Inc.

Jody Hooks,   Public Works Manager<br/>City of League City, TX

Jody Hooks, Public Works Manager
City of League City, TX

Stan’s active hands on style was instrumental in managing and addressing the City’s expectations, regarding actual construction budgets, schedules and costs. He successfully pushed early engagement with the City staff and outside designers to improve collaboration resulting in more construction friendly documents with minimized redesign. His affinity for mentoring the City, design and construction staffs in the practical use of CMAR was a benefit that resulted in a truly collaborative relationship for all members.

Mari Garza-Bird P.E. CDM Smith Inc.

Mari Garza-Bird P.E. CDM Smith Inc.

Stan was instrumental in educating our internal staff, as well as our clients on the real benefits of D/B and CMAR as it relates to municipal water and wastewater construction projects. He worked closely with our sales and marketing staff to develop a clear, persuasive message that we could customize for each project pursuit.

One of Stan’s inherent strengths is his ability to think outside of the box. He has the unique ability to approach a situation or challenge with a fresh perspective and is not mired down in doing things the way they have always been done. He is comfortable being tasked as the idea man taking the lead, but is just as content to function as part of a team without letting egos getting in the way of success.

David Salinas, Public Utilities Director<br/>City of Weslaco, TX

David Salinas, Public Utilities Director
City of Weslaco, TX

When CMAR was pitched to the City for our first project, we were interested but had few outside sources to rely on that had sufficient knowledge of the process. Stan’s knowledge of the CMAR process as well as his ability to present this material in an easy to understand manner was invaluable. His ease in mentoring the City (legal, procurement & operations), design and construction staffs in the practical use of CMAR was the difference maker for us. He won over the City staff and City Council during the many meetings, presentations and question & answer sessions. Stan’s knowledge of CMAR and his vast experience in construction in the Rio Grande Valley was instrumental in his firm being awarded the CMAR contract.

Edward De La Garza, Vice President<br/>Gonzalez+De La Garza & Associates, LLC

Edward De La Garza, Vice President
Gonzalez+De La Garza & Associates, LLC

Stan has also been invaluable as he introduced and arranged working meetings with other construction and design firms that will prove to be potential CMAR partners as we move forward. His ability to work with diverse groups represented by Owners, Engineers & Contractors and bring them together is a testament to his collaborative nature